Morocco is a Freak of Nature

Having just returned from an amazing trip on Zoom Egypt, I am reminded why North Africa is such a special place, geographically, culturally and historically.  Perhaps this is most evident in the country of Morocco.  

Since Morocco is only eight miles from Spain and the rest of Europe, it’s no surprise that Morocco has become a stew of cultures – colonized by the Greeks, Romans, Spanish, Portuguese, French, Moors, Arabs, Jews and various African nations.  It is neither of them and all of them at once.  Because of the many cultures and religions that make up Morocco, it has developed a permissive society – basically a live and let live philosophy that is kept in check by a conservative king.  Yes, Morocco is a kingdom!  You can see the trace the previous conquerors and colonizers left behind in the faces, clothing, architecture and food of the Moroccan people today.  Their faces are light, dark, fair, freckled; their hair is black, blond, red, straight, wavy, coarse – much like you would see in Brazil. The style of their clothing is another source of intentional fascination.  Yves Saint Laurent was in love with the Moroccan style of dressing and his internationally acclaimed Parisian couture collections were obviously inspired by the local berber culture which were pre-Arab and mostly christians and jews.  

The architectural designs – where do I get started!?  suffice it to say that Moroccan designs are everywhere today – you probably don’t have to go much further than simply taking a look at your kitchen or bathroom tile.  I love food and so does my waistline.  So, Moroccan food is something I enjoy very much.  It is infused with every single one of the cultures that surround it, from Spain, France, Middle East and the Mediterranean.  It is simple, clean, healthy, well balanced, nutritious and delicious.  

I am often asked what is my favorite destination.   That is a hard question to answer because it is like asking a chef what is his favorite food.  So hard to narrow it down to just one.  But there is a short list of places that I enjoy returning and Morocco is on that list.  I call it a freak of nature because natural history has blessed Morocco with a culture like no other.

Comment below and let me know what your favorite destination is.

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