How Do We Decide Where to Go?

How Do We Decide Where to Go?

A l lot of people ask us how Zoom Vacations chooses a group trip destination and how we develop a trip.

Zoom Vacations chooses a trip destination the same way that it develops a trip – thru in-person research and relationship building.   Every Zoom Vacations tour begins with a research trip to the prospective tour destination to assess whether it is gay-friendly, the variety of accommodations and activities available, as well as physical beauty and appeal of the destination.  

There is no substitute for getting a feel for a destination in-person, walking thru every step of a future trip and face to face relationship building.  This translates into a better experience for our guests. Every Zoom Vacation is a combination of carefully orchestrated activities and events as well as free time to explore the destination.  Therefore, I am constantly traveling the world in search of the next perfect destination and to better understand how to make our next Zoom Vacations trip a success.  Next on my list; Myanmar and Laos.

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