Upgrade Secrets

I’m a bit of a flight/mileage/upgrade geek.  So, guests going on Zoom trips call me all the time to figure out the best way to get to a Zoom destination the cheapest and most comfortable way possible.  As many of you know, not all business class is created equal and not all business class costs the same.  So, it makes sense to do a little research to make sure the plane you are booked on meets your expectations.  On routes like Peru, for instance, some airlines fly with flat beds while others offer a modest recline in Business Class, typically for about the same price, since these routes are price competitive.

In terms of price, how can one fly First or Business Class for the price of coach? Easy!  Combine a paid ticket and miles to confirm a business class seat.  For instance, a $1000 plus 50,000 miles and a $700 co-pay equal a $4,000 business class ticket.  Better yet, look for discounted business class tickets and upgrade to first class.  I once flew to China in first class for all of $3,000 after I paid for a ticket and used upgrades.  However, often times, it makes more sense to buy a discounted business class ticket than to use miles and co pay to upgrade.  Recently, for instance, a business class ticket to Peru was going for as little as $1200.  Buying a ticket and using miles with a co-pay to upgrade would have cost more.  

For some destinations, flying Coach verses Business or First may not matter that much, but especially if you are flying from the States or Canada to Australia, it just might matter a lot!

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