Featured Travelers, Randy and Michael from Houston, Texas

Michael and Randy joined Zoom Vacations in Peru a few years ago, and we were delighted to welcome them back on another South American adventure, this time to Argentina.

Zoom: You joined Zoom Vacations in Peru a few years ago, and now Argentina.  What made you decide to take this trip?

Michael:  We had always wanted to see Argentina and Brazil and knew Zoom was experienced in South America travel.

Zoom: You came with a group of friends. Did you get enough time with them, and were you able to meet new people as well?

Randy:  Yes it was nice to spend time with our four friends that joined us on the Zoom trip.  There were many opportunities at the dinners and excursions to get to know the other people in the group.  On our trip to Peru, we met Brian and Daniel from Portland and we have developed an unexpected friendship that has been fun and meaningful

Zoom: What was your highlight of the trip?

Michael:  Iguacu Falls was the highlight of our trip, it was an amazing sight to see the jungle along with the panoramic view of water everywhere.  I wish all members of the group could have experienced the falls from both the Argentina and Brazil sides.

Zoom: Buenos Aires is known for its great restaurants.  What did  you think of the food in Buenos Aires?

Randy:  The steaks and red wine were amazing!  Zoom’s 19 course welcome dinner in Buenos Aires was exceptional and memorable.

Zoom: Iguacu Falls is truly magnificent. Was it as impressive in person as you thought it would be?

Michael:  Iguacu Falls was more than I imagined, it was much larger and more powerful than Niagara.  The landscape of the jungle and the falls all together was an unexpected sight.  The boat ride directly into the falls was exciting and fun.

Zoom: How were the Zoom Vacations guides?

Michael:  The Zoom vacation guides in both Buenos Aires and Iguacu falls were knowledgeable, easy to talk to and professional.

Zoom: What did you enjoy about being part of a gay group?

Randy:  It was fun to be in a group where I could feel comfortable asking about the gay influences in each destination.

Zoom: In Buenos Aires, you learned to Tango Dance.  Tell us about that experience. Was it as difficult as you thought it would be?

Michael: The tango dancing lessons was a good experience, it was definitely harder than it looks.  The instructor and studio was gay friendly and assisted the group to both lead and follow.  It was also neat to see the tango dancers in the street and in the wonderful show.   The professional dancers were so smooth and erotic.  The one hour tango class taught us the basic dance steps.

Zoom: Where would you like to go next with Zoom Vacations?

Randy:  I would like to go on a Zoom cruise, my friends have told me how sailing on a small boat with the special Zoom touches was a special vacation.

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