Lori Wiltzius

Zoom Vacations Travel Coordinator. Lori has worked in the travel industry for several years both in hotel management and as a reservations sales manager. At one point she was the travel liaison to the White House for IHC Hotels setting up hotel stays for the President, First Lady and Executive Staff. As a customer service trainer for hotel reservations, Lori had the opportunity to travel extensively throughout the United States. Customer service is paramount in the travel industry, and especially to Zoom Vacations®. Lori brings her “guest first” mentality to everything she does at Zoom Vacations®. One of Lori’s most memorable international trips was a vacation to Mexico where she made it her goal to find the best tequila in the country. She succeeded. Lori loves exploring international cuisine and re-creating back home the dishes she has sampled.

Lori’s industry background and attention to detail has made her a great addition to our Zoom Vacations team.

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