We are still aglow from our Zoom Vacation.  Mike and I had a terrific experience.  We didn't know what we were getting into since neither one of us had ever been on a tour of any kind -but you really allayed our fears and exceeded all of our expectations. The adventures were well chosen and well, adventurous! The Accommodations had beautiful views, friendly, professional staffs- all top-notch. The other members of the group from all over the place, were terrific guys. They all had great life experiences, and differing points of view to share - we made some wonderful new friends. As our Zoom Concierge, you were so nice, helpful, accommodating and professional. But even more importantly: genuinely thoughtful, hilariously funny and preternaturally kind. (How do you do it?)Please add us (at the top) to your enormous list of fans.

You are creating something very special with your business Zoom Vacations®. It seem to me you are building much more than a company - a kind of community with a wonderful adventure in common. I'm sure it doesn't matter where you go with Zoom - when you get there you will have one of the happiest vacations of your life.

Chris and Mike, LA




I wanted to tell you that the trip to Guatemala was terrific. Thanks for all the work that you all put into planning it. After seeing a few more new places, I can definitely see going back

Jeff, Washington, DC


Many thanks go to Bryan & Joel for creating such a memorable experience.  Our trip to Guatemala was a perfect blend of activities that made the whole thing truly enjoyable!   Their planning and extensive connections gave us the opportunity to experience things you may not see anywhere else, and the quality of the Accommodations, tour guides, and activities on the trip is beyond compare!  These trips will leave you wanting to plan your next Zoom vacation before your first one is even over.

Jason, Washington, DC


I wanted to say thanks so much for making a fun and memorable trip. I could never have imagined that a trip to Guatemala could be so enjoyable.  It was the perfect blend of gay socializing and must-see touring.

Jerry, New Jersey




Thanks for sending the photos and emails of the others from the recent fabulous Costa Rica trip. Robert and I had such a great time. I think you did a great job at keeping the boys entertained and no one complained to me of anything! That's a miracle to get all those queens in one place for a week and no problems! It's a good thing we weren't a group from Survivor Costa Rica, people would tune out.

The trip was great! I'm talking it up with lots of friends and patients. Hopefully some of them will hear me and want to join you on a future trip. They will experience a fantastic adventure beyond their expectations.

John, San Francisco


What especially impressed me about my zoom vacation was that Bryan was both professional and personal at the same time. There was enough on the trip to keep me busy to see and try new things yet enough time to just kick back and relax. Going to Costa Rica with this awesome group gave me many wonderful stories and memories to keep me smiling for awhile. It has given me a new perspective on things. Pure Vide!"

Paul, Chicago


I had so many favorite parts to my trip. I LOVED the Great Wall of China - even though I got lost and had one of the best workouts of my entire life. I finally realized that, as I was climbing steps that were so steep I had to hug them because of my fear of heights, I must have gone to far. The Great Wall is stunning. I also loved the beauty of Water Town and the realities of the Hu Tongs. I loved going to a ladies house and learning how to make dumplings. I loved seeing the high energy "must sees": but, I also loved see the simplicity of life for many of the inhabitants of the country. That was nice. Finally, I would be remiss to say that I didn't make some fantastic friends. I met some really phenomenal guys and gals on that trip.


  Dear Zoom Vacations®,

The attention to detail and personal service on Zoom Vacations was excellent! and what gay man doesn’t like good service?/what gay man doesn’t like to be serviced.



Zoom also worked out the logistics beautifully, which is very difficult to do in most Latin American countries. This is easy to take for granted
for those who live in a country were everything is convenient, we have many options, and everything "Works". Not so in Cuba, but Joel made sure we had a flawless trip.

Angel, Miami


Traveling with Zoom was like sitting in First Class and having cute guys serve and show you amazing places all day and night. Everything is done for you. You just show up and enjoy the ride.

Bert, Fort Lauderdale


We all had such a good time. I can't stop thinking and talking about it.



The trip was wonderful, and I have recommended it to everyone since I got back. It is the only way I will travel other than the way I travel for business.

Brad, Los Angeles


Zoom Vacations makes everything incredible easy for me. I travel a lot for business and personal travel but when I really need a vacation where I can lay back and relax and leave everything in someone else's hands I trust Zoom to get it done. They have already selected and vetted the best resorts, hotels and adventures for each location. I know that everything will be taken care of and I will not have to worry about anything except getting Ken on the airplane to go. Once there I can kick back and enjoy while I let the weight of the world melt away at some exotic tropical resort.

Chase, Chicago


On all three trips, Zoom did a magnificent job of highlighting the best of each destination. The itineraries cover a lot of ground, leaving no major sights behind, and even surprises with an authentic experience, that leaves a lasting impression.

Daniel, Portland, Oregon


We are still on cloud "9" after what was a trip we will never forget. You were the perfect host/escort on a most memorable journey. We look forward to touring with Zoom Vacations in the near future and thanks for everything! It was SPECTACULAR!

Ethan and Michael, New Jersey


I definitely will travel again with Zoom. Zoom has a distinctive style and taste I appreciate over other companies.

Jason, San Francisco


What I notice most about Zoom's way of traveling, versus other gay group trips I've been on, was the attention to detail. I like being able to book a trip and not worry about planning anything; just having to pack my bags and go. I know with Zoom there are going to be pleasant surprises on every trip. I'm the kind of person that doesn't want every single detail beforehand because I like being surprised with the unique experiences that trips with Zoom are always full of.

Lou, Chicago


I joined Zoom not too long after they started, because they offered a trip to Rio de Janeiro that sounded incredible. What's great about Zoom is that they kind of roll out the red carpet in every destination and create a magical experience. I work hard, and I want someone I believe in and trust to handle the details. There is always good energy involved with Zoom Vacations. It's like everyone Zoom works with has good karma.

Jesse, NYC


I would recommend this trip without hesitation. I've been all over the world, with lots of other companies. This was one of the best trips I've had.

Jim, Chicago


I surprised Dave for his birthday and took him on the Rio New Years Eve trip three years ago, and we had such a great time and met some amazing people, so we decided to go on another Zoom trip. The attention to detail and planning by Zoom makes the trips effortless. All we had to do is show up and enjoy.

Joe, Jackonsville


Zoom allowed us plenty of time to adjust and catch up with the speed of the pride vibe in Madrid. No overwhelming schedules, always a plan B or contingency plan for unforeseen issues and most of all awareness of travelers needs.

Willie, Chicago


The Bhutan, India and Nepal trip was amazing. With perfect Zoom planning there was a new and exciting experience at every turn.

Lee and Gary, Naples, FL


I find Zoom Vacations does it much better, and each trip to each area is very unique, and we have great tour leaders like Bryan and Joel who always look after us making us feel at home and not just going to some tour company. Also, we stay in very unique hotels and have great dining experiences. I like Zoom Vacations so much because they take what we say and improve all the time.

Ken, Boston


We have traveled many times together in groups, but this was the first time we ever went with a 'Gay' Tour group. It was the best by far!

Tracy, Adams, MA


There is no way we would have been able to have as much fun if we went just by ourselves. Traveling to Madrid with Zoom allowed us to meet all the other great guys on the tour, go to private parties, hit all the hot spots of the city, and have our own personal concierge, Joel!

George and Matt, Chicago


Having someone else arrange a wonderful trip was fantastic. I still had enough leeway to do the things I wanted to do.

Matt, Boston


The care that Zoom Vacations takes to ensure that everyone is pampered and provided with a comprehensive variety of experiences is really unique. Our group of 19 experienced top-flight accommodations, meals, and jaw-dropping experiential treats that only a small tour operator like Zoom is able to provide.

Brandon, NYC


I have traveled to over 20 countries, usually on my own, with friends, or with travel organizations that specialize in less then 12 people in a group. I was totally amazed at how Joel had thought through every single detail of our trip, understood the individual needs of each of us, and was able to remember and accommodate all of us....he was professional, always kept his cool, and charming at the same time. The reality of traveling in a Third World Country is that things don't always go as planned, but Joel always rolled with the changes and his professionalism was amazing.

John, Miami


I thought the camaraderie of the guys on both trips was amazing. Zoom vacations is a perfect way to make new friends from all over the country and all over the world!

Jojo, Jacksonville


Zoom's hospitality and great hosts. I feel that Zoom tries very hard to keep their guests happy. I have made friends with some nice people too.

Nader, Washington DC


The most common misconception is that Guatemala is dangerous. A certain degree of caution is advised, but this is precisely the reason we decided to take a vacation with Zoom. I had for years wanted to visit Tikal and Antigua, and taking a trip with a group of gay men seemed like the perfect solution. We always felt comfortable. It was very reassuring to know that hotels, restaurants, means of transportation, and sites had been carefully selected so that we could have a great trip.

Patrick, NYC


Our local Zoom guide who was with us throughout Israel, who was hands-down the best guide we've ever had. She was an educator, comedian, historian, and group-mother all rolled into one package. Not only was she a walking encyclopedia on Israel, but she was able to keep her gaggle of gays entertained, engaged, and on schedule for seven days touring around the Promised Land - no small feat!

Ron, Miami


We are still on cloud "9" after what was a trip we will never forget. You were the perfect host/escort on a most memorable journey. We look forward to touring with Zoom Vacations in the near future and thanks for everything! It was SPECTACULAR!



Zoom Vacations provided me with a turn key gay vacation. There's no
way that I would have met as many friends and done such a wide variety
of unique activities if I did the trip on my own.

Daniel ,


We loved our trip to Rio, and I hope someday we can go with Zoom Vacations to Australia.

Rio was fabulous, and thank you all again for showing us such a great time.

JC and Todd


I wanted to say a huge thank you. We had such an amazing time and met
some fabulous people, including you! Please keep in touch and when in Oz
make sure you come and visit.



Both David and myself wanted to pass on our deepest apprectaition for such a superb trip in Brasil.

We had a great time, met some truly superb people and enjoyed all of the unique things that form part of a Zoom Vacation. Suffice to say that David and myself will be booking another trip with you again in the near future.

Mark and David, Sydney


My trip with Zoom Vacations was chill and fun, with flexibility and quality people. You can make it whatever you want it to be, and it will be a quality time.

Neil, Tempe, Arizona

gay testimonial


Joel, Thank you again for organizing such a great trip. Ron and I have traveled extensively but usually arranging our own guides, tours and destinations. It was so nice to only need to arrange our trip there and back. I normally read a book or more prior to be some what prepared but this time neither of us was able to do anything to study. The guides you provided and that fact that they stayed with us multiple days really gave me a good feeling for what we were seeing, what it meant, and the history behind it. I don't think I have ever learned so much about another place and variety of cultures on any other trip. By far Laura was our favorite of the guides. Last question. I am wondering if you share any of the photos you took. I have great photos and thankfully you took some for us with our camera but I imagine with that beautiful camera of yours that you have some that would also be incredible.


gay testimonial   Dear Zoom Vacations®,

I wanted send a quick email to thank you for a wonderful experience in Argentina! It truly capped off my Lifetime World Tour 2011! Smile

It was a pleasure getting to know you.



gay testimonial  

Thank you for a fabulous experience. We just wanted to let you know how much we enjoyed the trip.

Thanks for helping us "escape" to Lima where we had an enjoyable extra day in a great city.

George and Tony,


It seems as though Mark and I have just emerged from a beautiful dream that took place in Argentina and Brazil. It is hard to believe it was not a dream but two phenomenal weeks of adventure, culture and beauty.

The word "Awesome" takes on new meaning when we discuss (with our friends) our experiences with Zoom and our incredible leader, Joel! You are passionate in what you do and this reflects in the quality of our multiple experiences in South America. We loved your daily surprises plus I am still talking about celebrating my birthday in one of the 7 new wonders of the world.

We hope to see you soon on another Zoom vacation.

Our best to you and we wish you continued success with your organization


Mark and Chuck, Fort Lauderdale


Zoom's major strength is its ability to give their guests up-to-date information, and quickly modify a trip for the better if a unforeseen problem arises.

Lou, Chicago


It was wonderful and I have recommended it to everyone since I got back. It is the only way I will travel other than the way I travel for business.

Clark, San Francisco


With a group but also free to be. Good mix of quality, awesome, people. This trip was drama free!



I didn't expect to be so blown away by Ayers Rock. It is truly something that one has to experience because no pictures or video do it justice. We had an amazing group. There were so many highlights. The Madrigras land party was insane and the great barrier reef was breath taking.

Julius, Orlando

gay testimonial   This is our second Zoom trip, and we are hooked!!! Definately! Zoom does such a great job with the detail of the trip, taking away the stresses of hopping around from city to city. Worth every penny!! The nightly gifts are such a nice touch to the experience. I love how, although everyone in the group gets the same thing, the gifts made me feel like I was counted, and special on the trip. Shangri-La was amazing, with the room in Carins being so over the top awesome.


Daniel, Portland, Oregon


Thank you for your kindness and offering us such magnificent treats: Sea Dream  Spa and Allen Brothers certificates. But I must say that the real magic lies on your amazing vision, your organizational skills and the outstanding delivery of services to us. Every time, you lead us into another wonderful experience and make us feel so special. As a special  bonus, you facilitate  the opportunity  for us to reunite with our old traveling friends and to make new friendships. Outstanding service with  great smiles!!!  Many Thanks.  Big hug, 

Alejandro, NYC


The trip was amazing!  It is somewhat surreal to be back at work now.

Chris, Rochester, NY


I want to thank you so very much for organizing my trip to South America to celebrate my 40th birthday! Everything went incredibly smooth - airport/transfer assistance, private tours and tour guides, ... and the accomodations were awesome!
Galapagos, Machu Picchu (and the Sacred Valley), and Easter Island were phenomenal! Guayaquil, Lima and Santiago were very interesting too - centuries of history! We took upwards of 7000 pictures... thank goodness for digital photography. Now comes the task of sorting out them, almost a daunting task. We'll post them once we've gone through them.
Thank you for the birthday wishes! The cake was delicious. Unfortunately for Steven, he wasn't feeling 100% that evening, but, fortunately for me, I had the pleasure of eating 3/4 of it by myself... I am easily swayed by sweets! 
Weather was incredible! It was sunny most of the time in Ecuador, with its cool moments. Lima was cool, overcast and slightly-drizzly... but it's typical San Francisco weather. Machu Picchu, the Sacred Valley and Santiago had awesome weather - cool and sunny. Easter Island was stormy the first day (which meant non-shadowy pictures with some rainy moments) but by the afternoon of the second day, it was sunny, so our pictures of the moais show the full-range of the weather spectrum.

Aaron, California



Hello! I write you from London Heathrow's Virgin Atlantic lounge awaiting my flight home (which leaves in about 2 hours). I spent a few nights in London, sort of debriefing. I'll write more when I get home and can use my own keyboard, but I have thought and thought about the amazing group of Zoom individuals I was lucky enough to meet onthis trip. I can't believe they're not just around the corner here waiting for me to come in and have a drink...ho hum. It would be a privilege to be on another trip with them.

The trip was fantastic. I have just glanced over my pictures, and found myself reliving all the best moments. That amazing Bosphorus cruise, the beauty of Istanbul, the cooking class, the gorgeous city of Odessa...these are just a few. Oh and we can not forget SeaDream--this just has to be the best crew we have had ever on a cruise, eh? I'll write you some more specifics when I get home. There's a hole in my heart that can only be filled by another Zoom Vacation soon.

Wayne, Palm Springs



We've been thinking about an Australia trip for several years and decided to do Mardi Gras this year. We chose Zoom because we liked the idea of traveling with a group, and liked the upscale choices, and that you were on hand to personally lead the tour.

You hit the balance of group and optional activities exactly right!

John, Seattle



What a great trip. Thanks so much for everything you guys did to make it fantastic.

Jim, Denver


Thanks so much for a great SeaDream cruise to the Black Sea .  This was our second Zoom cruise and once again it was sensational!  The Black Sea was the most fantastic experience – great food and atmosphere, too many good wines and champagnes and excellent on-shore tours in some very incredible locations in Bulgaria , Romania and the Ukraine .  The best part however is the really fun group of Zoomers that we met once again – you guys sure know how to have fun!  Thanks for making us so welcome and looking after all the details so well.  We’ve already been looking through the Zoom trips to try and find another one we can go on so hopefully we will meet again soon. 

Tom and Vickie Perth, Australia



We are in Cappadocia at the Museum Hotel. Absolutely brilliant - a lunar landscape complete with fairy chimneys so we feel quite at home! Ha ha Thanks for organising that - we had a great time with you and the gang on the Black Sea and it will be great to start another holiday with you. You guys do a great job.

Brett and Kim, Sydney, Australia


Each trip was packed full with a variety of experiences that exceeded our expectations.  They were very different trips we came away with friends we still keep in touch with today and memories to last a lifetime.

James and Mark, Dallas


Thank you for such a great trip. I had a wonderful time with some great memories. It was great meeting so many interesting people. The trip just made me want to travel even more.

P.S. It kinda hard coming from sunny hot weather to snow and grey skies!

Thanks again,

Craig, Calgary, Canada



In my rush to get working on our next vacation I did forget to tell you how much fun we had and what a great job you guys did! (The fact that I was asking you about another trip should of been a hint.) I know how hard it is to please everyone and especially when the group is as diverse as we were!  You guys did a FABULOUS job!  I just read the email where Steve talks about his trip, it just brings those great memories back. The falls have been one the most magnificent wonders I have seen!  I put it right on the top of my list of favorite places, Steve and I can't wait to go back. Being there with our best friends will always make it a very special trip as well. The two of you are doing an incredible job making sure everyone, including us, were always happy.

Gary and Steve, Fort Lauderdale


  I will admit that I had slight trepidation about going on the trip solo. Though it was by choice to take a vacation without my friends, I quickly realized I was making this journey not just with fellow travelers but with new friends. The bonds of friendship formed on this journey will last well beyond the trip! From my arrival in Buenos Aires to the departing gate in Rio, I was consistently impressed that all of the travel details (big and small) were taken care of by Zoom Vacations®. The itinerary was well planned and provided a broad range of activities to experience each city and Iguacu Falls.

Steven, NYC


Thanks for a wonderful trip! We had a blast. The pics are great. I'll send some of ours your way when I get them all sorted out. I have a ton as you know..... :-)......looking forward to another Zoom vacation in the future.

Jeff, Naples, FL



Jeff and I had a great trip. The good news is that we would love to take another Zoom Vacation...the bad news is that we are already booked through the beginning of 2010.

Thanks again for all of your hard work and your care to details. It was greatly appreciated. We are telling everyone about Zoom!

Take care and thanks again!

Robert, Naples, FL


Thanks for an awesome trip. It was one of the best vacations I've had and by far one of the most relaxing. 

Not sure if we'll see you in Africa or India or China next but you will see us again. 

Joe, New Jersey



What a fantastic vacation! Thank you so much for making it possible. Before Rio, I hadn't taken a group vacation. After Rio, I would definitely do it again. You really did think of everything. And thanks for making Michael feel so special. [Michael was a guest on the trip, celebrating his birthday].

Bob, NYC



Thanks again for the fantastic Rio Experience!  Everything you guys did seemed to go off perfectly.

George, San Francisco



Just wanna thank you guys for a fierce and super fun week. I'm already looking forward to the next one.

Mike, NYC



Thanks for a great, great trip! It was just what I needed.

Steve, NYC



I just wanted to say THANK YOU for a fabulous time. You guys are wonderful. The group as usual was great and friendly. I don't think I could travel without you. You've spoiled me.

Peter, Philadelphia



Thank you so much for a perfect weekend. I thoroughly enjoyed the sun, surf and company.

James, NYC



Just to say thanks for a wonderful trip and seeing the two of you. Had a wonderful time as usual. You two guys know how to make girl feel wonderful. Met some really interesting people on the trip and hope to keep in touch.

Thomas, San Antonio



Thanks so much for creating such a great experience.  I can't remember the last time I felt so relaxed and renewed.  I also can't recall meeting such a terrific group of guys.  Because this was my first trip solo, I was a bit anxious but within the first 5 minutes of the cocktail party I knew it was going to be a great time.  I can't wait for my next trip.

Mitchell, Boston


Just wanted to thank you for putting together a great 2 weeks for Frank and I.   We enjoyed it all.  I especially appreciated your checking in with me on how I was doing; it made a difference.
The restaurant in Rio you recommended was truly sublime!  Frequently scenic dining spots are better at the "scenic" than the food; in this case both were amazing.

Scott, New York